Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are Ya Ready Fo' Grindhouse?

I can't tell all you cats how excited I am to see Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse April 6th!
Anyways, for those of you who don't know this film consists of 2 exploitation, drive-in type films separated by fictional movie trailers and sneak previews.
It'll be like going to 42nd Street back in the day and seeing those CHEEEEAP B movies or soft core porn movies.
Hell, Dolemite is a great example.
Anyhoo-a horror director I don't really care for (Eli Roth of Hostel and Cabin Fever fame-crappy films) has made a fake trailer for the fictional slasher film "Thanksgiving" and it is OFF. THE. CHAIN.
You know how in the late 70's (after Halloween) and into the 80's, slasher films tended to be titled after a famous calendar day of the year (ex. Friday the 13th, Halloween, Black Christmas, etc)?
Well, this one is for that famous day in November.
Think: Silent Night, Deadly Night with turkey.
I love in this and in the movie how they make the film look rough and aged.
Gonna be soooo awesome.
It is REEEALLY graphic though, so, NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
Watch this shit at home and not at work. Can't stress enough.
Check it out below.
(Quick hint: Let the video load the whole way before hitting play. Otherwise, you in for some EXXXTRA choppy stop n' start viewing!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

M-M-M-M-Monster Squad!!!!

Hey muthas!
After stalking the local bookstores last week and beginning of this one, today I have found the new issue of HorrorHound on the stands at the local B&N. (Available at Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores).
After holding off, here is the Monster Squad art I did for the 20-year retrospective article:

With any luck, this'll be going on the upcoming DVD release of the film in October of this year.
I am gonna change the design around a little possibly for prints to sell online and to take to horror conventions. To be honest (speaking of design change, the above art is not really the version used in the mag). Cleaned it up a bit for inclusion on the dvd. Re-rendered a character (figure out which one when you see the version in the mag) so that they look much better).
I also illustrated my usual 1 panel piece for the mag as well but you're gonna have to hit the bookstores to see that shit. Go git the mag and see fo' yoself!
C'mon people! If I gave away everything for free, I'd be pimpin' alongside all the unwashed masses on the freeway offramps here in Gainesville. (TRUST ME when I say it's a hott biznazz here in Florida!)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Groan-Inducing News: This Just In!

Thanks to Lady L for the heads up.
Go to this news breaking article here.
The world is coming to an end.
Yes folks, it looks like another classic is hitting the remake train.
Dolemite is being remade and looks to begin shooting this fall.
The article states they have been "looking for stars of comedy and hip-hop" for casting of the lead.
I SWEAR if they get that fuckin' Cedric the Entertainer's unfunny ass or Steve Harvey or one o' those lame-ass comedians like that, I will SCREAM. They have been in talks with Snoop Dogg as well.
I read up on this after L gave me the link to the article and found out Dimension films bought the rights to remake it back in 2001 and LL Cool J was attached to star as not a pimp, but more of an entrepreneur (to be more PC for the times). GAG!
Guess it went into development hell and is now back from the guy that brought us the big screen crap remake of Car 54! Where Are You?. Who the hell watched that?? Rosie O' D was probably the only one.
Oh Lady Reed, who is in heaven right now, please shine your light down and halt production on this shitty remake.
May your role of Queen Bee NOT be filled by someone like Mon-ique or one o' those unfunny ho's.
God help us all.
UPDATE: Go here to see more updates on this horrendous idea! WAYNE BRADY?!??! YIKES!
At leassss he's not playing the LEGEND himself, Dolemite. Maybe the Revrennd?


Saturday, March 17, 2007

1 Down, 2 To Go

Amongst other things in my life lately, there was something recently that was keeping me up at night.
Something I have been waking up in cold sweats about for over 2 years now.
I figured it was time to do something about it.
I wrote fan letters to the Golden Girls in hopes of getting their autographs.
Muh girls don't have that many years left in 'em and I wanted them to know how effing FABULOUS they are.
Unfortunately, Miss Estelle Getty (Sophia) is suffering from dementia and does not receive fan mail anymore.
However, the other 3 girls do and your truly wrote them each a gushing fan letter along with a SASE in hopes of getting a signed 8x10 glossy.
This past Friday, Rue McClanahan's came back to me (wrong addy). Found a newer one and remailed today.
All my dreams came true this afternoon when we came back and checked the mailbox to find:

My dreams are slowly becoming a reality, people.
This shit is truly golden.
In other news, I am working on revising the previous Monster Squad illo that I turned in to HorrorHound for it's possible use on the upcoming DVD and for later print-selling and shit at conventions and online.
Also, just got a book on Flash and am getting ready to speed-learn the program cuz Travy-T's doing an animated music video for the band Circus of Dead Squirrels, for whom I have done artwork for their upcoming cd release, "The Pop Culture Massacre And The End Of The World Sing-A-Long Songbook".


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Birthdays Keep My Blog Alive!

Big Happy Birthday wishes goes out to muh girl in Skavannah, Miss Jen Norwood.
Hope you have a great day today and party it up! Ask Paula ta bake ya a birthday Hocake with exxxxxxxxkra butter.
Seriously, my dear: Happy Birthday and enjoy yo day!
In other news, I continue to promise to update this blog soon with other posts and news.
There is a plan to have a new blog on my website,, sometime soon.
Lotsa projects in da meantime.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Wishes...and I'll Be Back Soon!

First of all, Happy Birthday to my pal Laura who's turning the big 3-0 today!
Hope you have a bitchin' day and as a birthday present, get running water!
I will be back soon peeps with some regular posts.
Since last we talked:
-Went to Savannah with Bri and Mel
-Stacy visited
-Went to Orlando
-Worked on updating my website-adding a blog soooon!
-Got booted from YouTube
-Finished some major work in freelancing
-Been downloading rare soundtracks off the internet (new obssession).
-Just fixed some links on this blog and took down my YouTube link (boohoo...fuckers!)
If anyone has anything I promised to mail them (cds, etc) please remind me on the comments.
I willlllllbeeeee bacccck soon!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Take A Look, It's In Da Book...Reading Rainbow!!!

Hello fiends!
A little slow outta the gate on this one, but, I wanted to let you all know that you can see some of my work in the new HorrorHound magazine that hit newsstands about a week ago or so.
Inside the issue, you will find another editorial cartoon I did as well as view the amazing ad for IBTrav Illustrations the editors letme include within their blood-soaked pages!
If you can get to a Barnes & Noble, Borders, or even a Hot Topic (who miiiiight carry it), check out all the Trav-y art goodness!
Here's hoping the New Year will provide much happiness and success for all you'z out there!
Peace out...